Mutual Fund Votes

The AFL-CIO's Mutual Fund Votes Survey examines the votes cast by 106 of the largest mutual fund families on executive compensation at the public companies they are invested in. Mutual funds own more than one-fifth of all shares in U.S. public companies, giving them a great deal of influence in determining executive pay at these companies. The Mutual Fund Votes Survey will help investors and the public compare how specific mutual fund families voted on executive compensation issues. About the survey>>>

Mutual Fund Family Shareholder Proposals Executive Pay Plans Say-on-Pay Average Grade
Data Source: FundVotes.com
Aberdeen Asset Management B F C D+
Alger A B A B+
AllianceBernstein C C B C+
Allianz B B C C+
American Beacon Funds C D B C
American Century C A C C+
American Funds F A A C+
American Independence Funds D C C D+
Ariel Investments B F B C
Artisan Funds C B B C+
Aston Funds C C C C
Baron Funds D B C C
Berkshire Funds F F F F
BlackRock Mutual Funds F D F F
BMO Funds B C C C+
BNY Mellon Mutual Funds C D A C+
Boston Trust and Walden Funds A C C C+
Bridgeway Funds A B A B+
Calamos Funds F F F F
Calvert Investments A A A A
Capstone Asset Management F F F F
Cohen and Steers D F D F
Columbia Management D D B D+
Davis Funds D D D D
Delaware Investments B C C C+
Dimensional Fund Advisors A B A B+
Dodge and Cox Funds F F F F
Domini Social Investments B A A B+
Dreyfus Funds C D A C+
DWS Investments C B C C+
Eagle Funds C F F F
Eaton Vance C D B C
Federated Investors D C D D
Fidelity Investments C A C C+
First Eagle Funds C F D D
FMI Funds F A A C+
Forward Funds C C C C
Franklin Templeton Investments C C B C+
Gabelli Funds F A F D
GE Mutual Funds D D D D
Goldman Sachs Asset Management D F F F
Green Century Funds A A F C+
GuideStone Funds C D D D
Harbor Funds F C D D
Hartford Investor Mutual Funds F F D F
HSBC Mutual Funds C A D C+
ING Funds D B C C
Integrity Asset Management D F B D
Jackson National Mutual Funds C C A C+
Janus Capital Group B D C C
John Hancock Funds C B B C+
JPMorgan Asset Management D C C D+
Lazard Funds A C C C+
Legg Mason Global Asset Management C C C C
Liberty All-Star Funds A A C B+
LongLeaf Partners Funds F F D F
Lord Abbett and Co. F C F F
Mainstay Funds C C C C
Managers Funds C C C C
MassMutual Financial Group C C C C
Metropolitan West Funds Mutual Fund B A C B
MFS Investment Management C B C C+
Morgan Stanley C C C C
Nationwide Mutual Funds C C B C+
Natixis Funds D D C D
Neuberger Berman Management C C B C+
Northern Funds C C F D
Nuveen Investments B B C C+
Oakmark D C D D
OppenheimerFunds B C C C+
Parnassus Investments C C C C
PAX World Investments B A A B+
PIMCO Investments A F B C+
Pioneer Investments C C D D+
Portfolio 21 A A A A
PRAXIS Mutual Funds C C C C
PRIMECAP Odyssey Funds F F F F
Principal Fimds C C A C+
Prudential Investments C A B B
Putnam Investments F A D D+
Quaker Funds C D B C
RBC Global Asset Management A C C C+
Royce Mutual Funds C F F F
RS Mutual Funds A C C C+
Russell Investments D C A C+
Schroder Funds B D D D+
Schwab Funds D C A C+
Scout Mutual Funds A B C B
SEI Investments C C A C+
State Farm Funds A B B B+
State Street Global Advisors A B D C+
Steward Mutual Funds F F F F
SunAmerica Mutual Funds A C C C+
T. Rowe Price C C C C
TCW Funds D D F F
TD Mutual Funds C C C C
Thornburg Investment Management B A B B+
Thrivent Mutual Funds D C C D+
Touchstone Investments C D C D+
Transamerica Investments C D B C
UBS Global Asset Management C A C C+
USAA Mutual Funds B C D C
VALIC Mutual Funds B B C C+
Vanguard Group F C D D
Victory Funds C D C D+
Virtus Investment Partners C B C C+
Waddell and Reed Financial Advisors C C F D
Wells Fargo Funds Management B C C C+
William Blair Funds A B C B
WisdomTree Funds C C A C+